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MegaBiz delivers multichannel marketing services to help you meet your sales targets consistently. We currently offer six flexible options specifically designed for today’s B2B companies. Each package comes with a team of dedicated specialists plus access to our project management and CRM platforms.

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

This is a full-service option for businesses looking to acquire a consistent stream of pre-qualified leads or sales appointments. This package combines telemarketing, email marketing, and LinkedIn marketing in a personalized cross-channel marketing strategy to help you:

  • Find and reach the right audience.  Get access to our in-house database of 30+ million business decision-makers worldwide.
  • Keep your sales funnel filled up.  Set how many leads or appointments you want and let our marketing team do the prospecting for you.
  • Enhance response and conversion.  Count on our industry experience to help you deliver your message and drive action from your target audience.
  • Shorten your sales cycle.  Cut the time it takes for you to close deals with our multichannel lead nurturing and pre-qualification approach.


For companies who want to add the power of the human voice into their current marketing strategy, our stand-alone telemarketing package is an ideal option.

  • Engage with prospects directly.  Interact with leads and generate response in real-time.
  • Boost overall marketing results.  Use the strength of live conversations to generate or nurture highly-qualified prospects.
  • Combine with other channels easily.  Take advantage of this option’s flexibility to integrate telemarketing into your marketing mix right away.
  • Work with a world-class telemarketing team.  Leverage our in-depth industry expertise and connections.

Phone-based Survey & Research

This package uses the speed and precision of targeted outbound phone calls to carry out market research on your desired audience.

  • Get response and feedback in real-time.  Conduct surveys and interviews with the right respondents and generate response right away.
  • Make more informed marketing decisions.  Get to know more about your target customers and remove the guess-work from your marketing campaigns.
  • Grab opportunities and adapt to change faster.  Discover trends and be the first to take advantage of developments in your industry.
  • Ensure your marketing data stays up-to-date.  Scrub and update records in your marketing database through phone-based data verification.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing package helps you run effective online campaigns. We provide complete service features from account setup all the way to reputation management. This option is ideal when you’re looking to:

  • Extend your marketing reach.  Complement your other marketing channels by adding social media into the mix.
  • Tap into valuable marketing data.  Gain powerful insights on your customers and prospects with the information available on social media.
  • Build relationships and reputation.  Interact with customers/prospects and establish your reputation with active social media participation.
  • Improve your discoverability and visibility.  Use social media marketing to drive awareness and response.

Email Marketing

MegaBiz Marketing also offers managed email marketing packages tailored for seamless integration with other channels in your marketing program.

  • Reach a whole new level of targeting precision.Use our massive B2B data repository to compile a custom email list with contacts that closely match your target prospect profile.
  • Execute email campaigns on auto-pilot.Let our team of email marketing specialists handle everything for you.
  • Let data decide.View up-to-the-minute campaign analytics and performance metrics through our interactive dashboard.
  • Optimize your email send-outs. Let our email specialists find the right combination of blast, drip, and nurturing emails to apply in your campaign.

Web Design & Development

We offer a wide range of web design/development services that include building and maintaining custom websites, from simple micro-sites all the way to secure ecommerce shops. Our design philosophy is based on functionality and usability.

  • Turn your ideas into design that works.  Let our crack team of designers and developers translate your ideas into websites that meet your marketing goals.
  • Capture and convert more web traffic.  Deliver great online experience to your site visitors with our usability best practices.
  • Get your message and content across.  Provide content and new pages with our easy-to-use content management system.
  • Improve your online presence all the time.  Count on us to stay with you each step of the way and help your site meet new challenges.

Contact us today to find out more how MegaBiz can help you reach and exceed your sales potential.

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